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Design & Manufacture

Over the years we have covered a whole range of projects with many challenging us to ‘push the envelope’ and deliver economic and workable packing solutions.

At Abstract Packaging we are confident by using our knowledge and experience we can cover all types of packing projects from a simple packing case or being on site decommissioning a whole factory. Our practical knowledge gained over ten years in the industry stands us in good stead, enabling us to deliver on any kind of packing necessity.

On Site


Abstract can provide a fully integrated service to help simplify what is often a complex process when relocating. Our strength lies in behaving as one focused team with the expertise in many specialised areas, which include:

  • Machinery breakdown and individual machine packing
  • Container packing
  • Case and crate making
  • Shrink wrapping and aluminium bagging
  • On site cranage and forklifting services
  • Freighting and customs clearance

Our integrated services ensure that, from start to finish, you benefit from not only flexibility in planning but also our ability to react to changes throughout the project. This enables us to offer a cost-effective and controlled relocation that reduces risk.

Packing of Machinery

From single machine moves to complete factory relocation, Abstract Packaging offers the skills, track record and peace of mind for all high-value or delicate capital equipment moves.

Machinery and factory relocation experience

Customers range from small businesses to large corporations and our experience of machinery covers many market sectors. Our teams are fully equipped with the appropriate tools and hardware needed to carry out safe machinery moves. From machine skates and hydraulic scoots, to air flotation systems, packing tools, fork lifts and cranage our teams arrive fully prepared for the task.

Our relocation services typically include the following:

  • Full site survey
  • Detailed plans and schedule for all machine moves
  • Decommissioning and individual machine packing
  • Method statements and risk assessments
  • Using appropriate materials to safeguard against corrosion & moisture
  • On-site supervision and project management

Cases, Crates & Pallets

We have the knowledge and understanding of how best to pack your products utilising the most appropriate design. All our wooden packaging is manufactured in our workshops using timber treated and marked in compliance with ISPM15. For airfreight we can use a lighter alternative to timber such as plywood or OS boards.

Whether you are working to a budget or a particular build quality, our timber case, crate and pallet makers will construct the most suitable solution.

Materials & Processes

We use the best quality materials and processes which ensures when we pack any type of product or goods we have a best practice solution. This is especially important when working with delicate electrical or computer items.

Vacuum sealed bags are the best way to protect these kind of goods and can be created using the following materials:

Aluminium Barrier

Combines water and moisture proofing with high resistance to mechanical stress. Ideal packaging material for transporting and storing goods in extreme climatic conditions. Combined with silica gel moisture pads ensures a water and moisture proof protection.


Light and heavy weight PVC is used for vacuum sealing and shrink wrapping. Either opaque or semi-transparent depending on its use it is also available in an anti-corrosion green colour for extra protection.

Anti corrosion prevention

Rust inhibitor spays are used over any untreated bare metal surfaces or parts. All wooden crates to be transported by container are lined with tarmac paper to protect against water condensation.